Nadcap HT Auditor Advisory 17-003 Advice needed



Questions 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 of AC7102/8 require that the Heat Treating Supplier
review all Pyrometry Procedures whether the Supplier or a Third Party
Provider performs them.
Question 11.2.4 of AC7102 requires that tests and calibrations be performed
as required by the internal Procedure

An NCR shall be issued when a Heat Treating Supplier has not reviewed a Third Party Provider’s Procedure that is performed at the Heat Treating Supplier.
When a Third Party Provider performs its own Procedure at its own facility, the Heat Treating Supplier is not required to review that Procedure. As an
example, a field test instrument owned and sent by a Heat Treat Supplier to a
Third Party Provider’s facility for calibration does not require that the Heat
Treating Supplier review the Third Party Provider’s Procedure for that

Issue: I have provider(s) refusing to hand over copies of procedure(s) for review. As I don't want to escalate with Nadcap, how did you resolve this issue. One provider told me that I can see the procedure but can't have a copy and another one told me that I can come over (600 km distance) and review at their place. Nadcap is pretty clear (in my opinion), I have to review and show proof of review.

None of the procedures in question contain proprietary data or some secret recipes. They are according to ASTM/AMS/Aerospace requirements.

So....? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.....
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