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I am trying to have our company use only NADCAP approved finish process houses but do not want to restrict our options (just in case). My intention is to have supplier NADCAP cert expirations control our revocation of supplier approvals until recerts are provided.

How can I do that if suppliers are not NADCAP? what do I base their approval dates on? How do I set expiration dates? What is the basis for approval, internal audits? What do they typically base their approval on? Also; any suggestions on a good way to mitigate risks using non-NADCAP suppliers?


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Go to and get a username and password (there is no charge). Use the online QML app under resources and checkmark the commodity you want. You will get a list of all Nadcap-approved suppliers for that commodity. The query form also offers search refinement functions. The expiration date of each approved supplier will be cited when you click on the supplier's name. To mitigate risks using non-Nadcap approved suppliers, I recommend getting their basic information, any third-party certs other than Nadcap, make a visit and send a test request for something you have already sent to a Nadcap-approved supplier and compare the results. This all depends on your customers' requirements for special processes, of course.
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