NASA Needs ISO 9000 - Failure of the Mars missions


Andy Bassett

Did anyone see the report on CNN last night about the failure of the Mars missions?.

Although i couldnt be desribed as a ISO fan, it looks like these boys need a huge dose of it.

It seems like the catalogue of errors could be prevented;
Deparments understaffed - Where was the resource planning?
Personnel incorrectly trained - Where was the Training Plan, Employee Evaluation?
Defect deliveries from Lockheed Martin - Where was the Supplier Control?
Software not checked - Where was the Quality Planning or Inspection Plan?

Marc i think you should get in there as quickly as possible (PS i want 50% of your fee).


Andy B


Fully vaccinated are you?
NASA (all sites as far as I understand) are ISO9001 registered. See:

One of the first things I tell clients is that ISO900x has nothing to do with the quality of their products. And if you want to look at resource planning and 'adequate' resources, who is to judge whether a company has adequate resources to 'do the job'. Auditors are in an 'opinion' category when this comes up.

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Jim Biz

Just as a point of interest I found this Nasa site announcing when all NASA sites were registered & why they thought it was necessary. But Marc is right just because they are registered that by itself dosent prevent the current problems.
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