NASA Rounds It out - NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Registration At All Sites!


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Subject: FYI: NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Registration At All Sites /Hankwitz
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 15:27:11 -0600
From: ISO Standards Discussion

From: Hankwitz, John
Subject: FYI: NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Registration At All Sites /Hankwitz

RELEASE: 99-106


As of Sept. 17, all NASA centers, NASA Headquarters, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and all of NASA's government operated facilities have achieved ISO 9001 registration or been recommended for registration.

With this accomplishment, NASA became the world's first federal or state agency with multiple sites to have all its sites under ISO 9001 registration. NASA Headquarters is among the first corporate headquarters offices in the world to achieve its ISO 9001 registration.

Administrator Daniel S. Goldin challenged NASA in November 1996 to have all the agency's facilities certified by September 1999. "We are leaders in the world of science and technology. We must also be leaders in the world of quality. I am requiring that the Agency be third-party certified in our key processes, by an internationally recognized registrar, to ISO 9001. This commitment applies to all centers and headquarters," said Goldin.

The ISO 9001 standard is an internationally accepted set of topics comprising the basic items needed to define and implement a "Quality Management System" for an organization. An impartial auditor evaluates the effectiveness and completeness of the quality management system before recommending registration.


Fully vaccinated are you?
NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Registration At All Sites

Subject: Re: NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Reg. At All Sites /Hankwitz/Kohn/Holmes
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 14:50:00 -0600
From: ISO Standards Discussion

Subject: RE: NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Reg. At All Sites /Hankwitz/Kohn/Holmes

Yes. We here at JSC and the Marshall Space Flight Center used National Quality Assurance - USA (NQA-USA). All of the other Centers, as well as our Prime Contractor (United Space Alliance) used Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Steve R. Holmes

> From: Brian Charles Kohn
> Subject: RE: NASA Achieves ISO 9001 Registration At All Sites /Hankwitz/Kohn
> Does anyone know which registrar NASA used?
> Brian Charles Kohn

Sidney Vianna

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Marc, it has been a long while since DNV audited and certified the NASA Centers. Years later, NASA decided to contract with another registrar, NQA, to maintain the certificates. Then NASA HQ's decided not to force ISO 9001 any longer on to the centers, but all centers are required to implement NASA NPD 1280.1 Policy Document.
I believe that several centers still have their ISO 9001 certificates, but it would not surprise me if some of them decide to drop their certificates.
Due to confidentiality issues, I can not go into any details.


NASA must have figured out the Metric system after all :lmao:

Wes Bucey

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I suppose it alludes to crashing a mars lander because NASA engineers confused English and metric measuring systems.


makes sense to me...

remember the time that the canadian rover landed either


Hope you got the joke guys

OOPS :tg:,
Hope you got the rude joke. It's my weird sense of humour.
Being an ex pat from Britain (Scotland), I recall serving my trades apprenticeship while we were going through the national change from Imperial to Metric.
While being an apprentice to one particular journeyman, I was standing at the bottom of a scaffold. The journeyman shouted sizes of material that needed to be cut, he shouted down sizes such as 2' 6" and "add on 5mm to that too.
Well you can imagine, going through the transformation from Imperial to metric almost 30 years ago now, even to this day many Brit's still use the Imperial system for communicating and measuring in general.
I can work in both systems yet, I prefer Imperial now as, I can't see the small measurement details in metric mm and cm :mad:
The most accurate system is indeed metric. I believe metric should be the global standard. I guess it's the last stand by the USA regarding using a global standardised measuring system.
I have to laugh though at the Canadian implementation of metric, it takes me back to my apprenticeship days for sure.
Have a laugh at the attached cartoon.


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