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NASA Says Oregon Company Metals Fraud Caused $700 Million Satellite Failure - 2019


A Sea of Statistics
The vast supply chain all rely upon...just one weak link or "distorted moral rudder" and viola..."sciocchezze" aka rubbish
Think anyone will go to the hoosegow?
I do not think anyone will go to prison over this. I think the company has bought enough political capitol to protect itself. I would hope something other than a 'fine' would apply but I doubt anything more will be reported on this. People talk about Kobe Steel, but has anything happened there since they got caught doing the same thing?
I just has a bar of material tested using our XRF analyzer and it failed 'secondary' testing. To be on the safe side, I sent a part of the material to a NADCAP material testing lab and the material failed a spectrographic test. Both secondary tests showed the Zinc about 30% over specification allowances while the material certification specified the zinc to the in low section (per specification zinc is at .07% with 0-.3% being the allowable zinc--secondary testing put zinc at .039 and .041).

I wonder if this is going to become common or if this just happened and I am paying more attention. I am really hoping it is just a fluke, we will see what the CA says.


Quality Manager
It's interesting because part of me wants to blame NASA for never checking their supplier. I know it's over simplifying, and I don't mean to take away from what the supplier did (and for so long.) But NASA needs some adjusting too. Send out a coupon every few months or something!
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