Need Advice About Proving the Value of ASQ Certification




I am new to the forum. I have searched the forums for threads on this matter but I haven't found what I am looking for. I hope someone can lead me in the right direction.

I recently earned my CQA certification and although I am not expecting an instant raise I was expecting a little bit of recognition from my Manager. My company paid for my examination fee and one study guide and I studied on my own time and I did not attend any courses or classes. After earning this certification, my manager just recently asked me to attend a two day introductory training course on auditing. He obviously does not value this certification and recognize that I posses more than basic knowlege on the subject. I am never against continuing education but I found this to be an insult. I am determined to proove to him that this certification is a valuable indicator of my knowledge. I have been searching for an article or document that I could show him but have had no luck. I do not even know what the sucess rate is for the test and perhaps this is not as significant of an accomplishment as I thought.

Does anyone know of any articles that reference the success rate of the CQA exam? Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks!:confused: :confused: :frust:
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CQA worth?

Well, Well, this subject raises it's ugly head again at the Cove.
I for one favour the ASQ, CQA certification in North America yet, The certification means very little without the verifiable evidence of auditing experience, Think of the certification as the begining of a long apprenticeship that shall teach you to mature into the auditor who doesn't need the badge of certification.

First of all welcome to the Cove.

Secondly, I too have found myself on the defensive about my ASQ certifications. Perhaps the problem is that this study is not RAB certified.

As to demonstative proof of the certs value, I don't think there is a great deal out there. I would suggest that you take a look at the Salary survey in the Quality Progress (I think the November issue). I believe that they illustrate pay with/without certifications.

Mainly I would take a look at the course your manager is asking you to attend. Is it a stand alone? Is it intended to be a group of courses? Is this RAB recognized?

You may just approach him from the stand point that you do not want to waste the companies money on a course that merely retraces the same ground.

It may simply be that this course is your entry into the RAB training that you will need if you make auditing a career.

In the end your CQA is what you make of it. It is a badge of achievement. Wear it proudly no matter what others may say.

Just some thoughts.

Oh, and congratulations

James (CQT,CQA)
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M Greenaway

Dont know how the qualification you talk of relates to the UK but you might be pleased to know that I didnt get any raise when I passed the IQA exams and joined that institution.

Some employers rate such achievements, some do not - mine felt it just made me more marketable in the jobs market and did little for the company. A bit retarded in thinking but there you go (and there is an element of truth in it, I have since moved jobs !!).

This qualification wasnt an auditing qualification though, and personally I would prefer auditors to do an auditing course even if they had IQA membership, as it is a skill that isnt really taught in the IQA entrance sylabus.

Dont know if that helps !


Welcome Moe

I didn't get a raise or recognition for any of my ASQ exams, the RAB exam or my 2pCP certification. My company also looks at it as though it serves me and not the company. In a way, they are right as it is my job to know these things and I wouldn't have my job if I didn't know them. The paper adds nothing for them.

As for additional classes, I learn something at every class I go to. The same with every audit. There are so many different approaches out there that it would be hard not to get something out of another class. Even if you can't take something back with you, there is the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with someone in the class who might really need it. I look at every class, seminar or conference as an opportunity, not an insult.

Your manager is the guy with the budget so if he wants you to go to a class - go for it and make the best of it. You could be pleasently surprised. A friend of mine was "headhunted" at a class and ended up with a very nice salary.



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Take the CQA classes, however on the value of certification, only the ones who collect the money can show value If I remember correctly these tests are made up by groups of experts and based on some of the questions and provided answers have read too many of their own books. My opinion only!!!

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Financially speaking, James’ advice about the Salary Survey published by the ASQ might be handy during a negotiation/renegotiation. Otherwise, the knowledge you have gained (and the certificate) are mostly for yourself, not the organization especially if they don’t recognize the impact the knowledge you’ve gained can have on it. From my experience, unless the organization is the one touting that you should have these credentials, then they won’t compensate you much further than traditional educational/development reimbursement.
True vs. perceived value

The perceived value of any “special thing”, such as ASQ or RAB certification is that it will have immediate financial gain (sometimes touted as ‘huge’). In reality, you will only experience financial gain if your employer perceives value. There are some intangible benefits however. These are what I call the true value.

The first and most important value is in the application. If you apply what you have learned, and thereby improved yourself, you have gained much. Secondly, although you may not get a raise because of your certification, management will not just dismiss it. If management is paying attention, opportunities will arise that might not otherwise be available.

One last thing, I hate to say this, but it also looks good on a resume.


There is an advantage in being a CQA if you want to also get RAB lead auditor status. The RAB allows a two day course in place of the normal five day auditor training requirement. Saves about $900 in course costs, plus three days of lost activity.

Last I checked it was only being offered by one company in MN - Applied Quality Systems I believe. ASQ offered it in their catalog, but Applied taught it - they still offer several around the country. I took the course back in March 2000. I thought they did a great job. I'm thinking about trying them for 14001 LA next. It was a lot of review for me since I had been through several internal auditor courses, plus conducted several of them as a consultant. I was trying to get away from my old boss at the time and was thinking of going the auditor route. The boss would not pay since he knew it would be a benefit for me, so I paid for it myself. At least I got to deduct part of the trip to Vegas.

I doubt you would get a raise just for attaining CQA, RAB or any other certification, but it does give you more to put on your resume and may make you more desireable to another company. I have noticed interviewers have paid more attention to my CQA, CQE and CQMgr than my degrees.

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