Need examples for Controlled Shipping I and II (CSL)



I'd like to know more examples when Controlled Shipping I & II (cs I e csII) are required.


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Where I work we have at least one customer that requires Controlled Shipping. We are required to implement this any time we are issued a Defective Material Report (DMR).

Their definition of Controlled Shipping Level 1 (CS1) is 100% inspection of all product leaving the facility. This is to be continued until they deem that we have effectively resolved the root cause of the DMR.

If during the process of CS1 shipping a repeat of the original defect is found by the customer we must then move to Controlled Shipping Level 2 (CS2). We must contract with a 3rd party to provide the inspection. This also remains in effect until the customer feels we have resolved the root cause of the DMR.

Should there be an escape of defective material at this point all shipments would stop entirely.

The reasons for the issuance of a DMR are many and can range from perceived to actual defects. This really depends on your customer. We have had to use this for cosmetic defects that really did not affect part function. We have used this for functional defects that we can't detect because they only occurred when the part was placed in the customer assembly. We have also used this for actual defects that we have caused.

Controlled Shipping is really another part of the 8D process where you are providing the containment action until a root cause solution can be implemented.

Hope this helps answer your question.


Something I recommend (I do not know if it is officially part of these requirements for controlled shipping) is to take pictures of the item before it ships. These photos can be compared to what the customer sees during receiving/inspection to make sure that no defects are caused by damage during shipping.
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