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Hello all,
My company that I just started working for uses an Access program to track all the different training for each individual employee.(OSHA, NAVSEA, NASSCO) Basically things like first aid, confined space, Fork lift, etc. They have the individuals name and the date that he had the training. The thing is, with all the requirements(yearly, quarterly, etc.) the DB doesn't show the expiration date to get these guys re-certified. We only have about 25 employees and I didn't want to go spend a thousand bucks on some software that I didn't need all the bells and whistles. I was wondering if any of you have an excel or DB that I can use that is simple to configure. I can just add the individuals name, the date he completed the training and when I enter that in, it automatically can calculate the expiration date so we can prepare to get him re-certified. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time and help.


A 25 person does not need a training software. Perhaps you can learn MS Access make use of its capabilities to work with what you have or you can use a spread sheet.

In a spread sheet, list names down the left hand side and the training topics along the top from left to right. Enter in dates when competences or training expires where the name and competency meet and enter in the expiry date.

Go and talk to the people concerned to find out what training they have and when and enter it in the spreadsheet.

Entering the expiry or renewal date can be the best way to go as its apparent at a glance when it has to be done again. Some people choose to use the date when the competency was gained and by using conditional formatting, the cell changes colour when it due for renewal.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best.

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Your training could be tracked using a matrix that lists names on the Y axis and training needs on the X axis. Due dates can be written in the blocks, which can be colored or shaded in when the training is completed. The matrix can be on Excel, or on a piece of paper. It does not need to be awfully complex.

If you want to show 2-stage learning (review process/take class, then do OJT for final signoff) you can color the cell diagonally for one, then completely when both stages are done.

Competency recording is another matter. I would keep notes, OJT booklets and/or test results for competency recording. I would additionally find a way to record the employee affirming he/she feels ready to perform the task without direct supervision.
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