Need help with analysing a survey on minitab


Hi all,

I'm working on a project for uni where we are are required to use minitab (with very little direction or help) and I am stuck on the basics of analysis.

The questionnaire consists of 26 questions and has 178 total responses from cat owners. 8 questions consist of yes/no answers, open questions and answers where male/female are the only options. The remaining 16 questions/statements are based on Likert scale scores (1= Strongly Disagree, 2= Disagree, 3=Neither/Not Applicable, 4= Agree and 5= Strongly Agree) - for example "my cat hides from strangers" or "I consider my cat to be aggressive".

I am trying to see whether there are any relationships between kitten experience and behaviours later on in life (Adulthood). For example, 62 out of my 178 responses have answered "YES" in response to the statement "My kitten was weaned before 8 weeks" (below the crucial learning age of the kitten- this is a CAUSE question) and I want to find out whether there is a relationship between this statement and anxiety behaviours from each response such as "hiding from strangers" from the Likert score as a possible VARIABLE behaviour question.

Each CAUSE question is to be tested against 8 different VARIABLE behaviours.

All of the data has been tested for normailty. Some data are not normal and some are normal distribution, so I have a potential mixture of parametric/non-parametric tests.

Please could anyone enlighten me to how I should arrange my data for testing and which test I should do for analysis to find a relationship? Below is a visual representation of how my data is currently arranged. Each row is the response of one participant.


Any help will be highly appreciated

Many thanks
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