Need help with daughter's homework



Need help with these problems;
24 thru 38 and 56 thru 69
Mostly probability problems I am not sure how to solve.
Thank you stat guru's!


Steve Prevette

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Generally these look like probability questions of multiple events.

If two events are independent from each other, you multiply them together - such as what is the probability of flipping a coin and getting heads, then rolling a die and getting a 2, would be 1/2 times 1/6.

If I have two events exclusive of each other - such as what is the probability of rolling a 1 or 2 on a die. I can't BOTH roll a 1 and 2 simultaneously - so the chance of rolling a 1 OR a 2 on one roll of a die is 1/6+ 1/6.

Keep in mind "die" is the singular form of "dice".

This should give a start.

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