Need IATF 16949 ISO Gap Analysis Excel File


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I am very rehearsed with IATF and ISO 9001 and have started at a new company this past month. Years ago I had an Excel file that had all the clauses if it was new to IATF or ISO 9001 (if from TS originally, etc.). I would create guide forms to use during each audit based on this Excel file. I found it on here back in 2018, well I am searching everywhere and cannot locate it now. I have found you tube video with the exact file in it.

Like I said, I started at a very successful company and I thought they would have a database system or something like this already and they do not. If anyone has an Excel file with all the clauses in it, or guide forms which I can make my own I would appreciate it. I was hired to make this system better, but they from what I see have nothing so far. Thanks in advance!!!

Ron Rompen

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My pleasure, Ashland. As I said, someone was good enough to share it with me, and I was happy to be able to pass it on.
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