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I am working in the R&D department where we design and test new vacuum cleaners. We use a project gate model to develop new products. The product development requires collaboration between several departments (Marketing, R&D, Procurement, Supplier quality, production etc) and the interaction between them. Due to interdependence of several activities, there exists many conflicts and synchronization issues. I have been tasked to run an improvement project to ?Synchronize the different processes?. I am planning to run this project by first mapping all the deliverables / activities from each department (identifying input/output of each deliverable) and then use this map as a guide to suggest changes in the existing process so as to synchronize the different deliverables.

I would like to hear if anyone has run a similar project and would like to share their experience / ideas on how to tackle this problem. I am planning to use ?sticky notes? to identify each deliver and then post them on a large sheet to do the mapping. Any suggestion if I should use a software instead? If anyone can share examples that would be great help.

Thanks in advance
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We use wikis to run complex projects since 2008 very successfully. A wiki is a website that anyone on your team can edit. I know of no better collaboration tool. Using it has a bit of a learning curve and will take some effort to implement, but its definitely worth it.

Try googling "Using a wiki for project management". That should give you plenty of good reading about wikis for your application.

Good luck! :bigwave:


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Thanks for the suggestion and i will definitely look into it. but i was looking is for how to do a root cause analysis on the existing project model so i can improve it. such as how to run workshops and hot to get inputs from the project teams to improve the project executions.
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