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Need ISO 45001:2018 HIRA template

Ashok sunder

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If you're asking for a copy of the standard, it can't be shared in this forum since it's copyrighted. The forum rules do not allow sharing of copyrighted material. You can purchase the standard at ISO 45001:2018
I am.not asked 45001 standard
I need the hazard identification risk assessment template module or example
How to evaluate the hazard
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Hello !

Ashok, there is no more specific ISO 45001 "HIRA model". HIRA does not depend on your normative OH&SMS model of but mainly on the work activity of employees considered. Regarding ISO 45001 you are free to choose* your HIRA method and criteria, but you "shall" (not "should") respect any possible methods or criteria required by your national regulations.

* search on internet, you will find all kinds of proposals for HIRA, more or less adapted to your company but unfortunately more or less relevant...

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Ashok, further to the post above by @Henria , there is no 'one true template' for conducting HIRA.

Rather, you need to tailor your HIRA tool to the nature of the workplace and context of work being carried out. Whilst a Google search will give you any number of templates for conducting HIRA, it will be your responsibility to be satisfied that the tool you use effectively identifies all hazardous elements of a work task or work area, and can give you a reasonable picture of the risk factors and risk exposure for each.

The Hazard Identification Worksheet provided by @Ajit Basrur provides a typical format for summarising the hazards and risk assessments that you've carried out. Though I would not suggest relying on this on its own. Rather, it brings together the results of all individual HIRA activities, which are captured on other documentation.
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