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Need resources / tutorials about OPS (Operation) for ISO

Greetings All,

I am very new to this forum. After some research, I found that I could get the information through this forum.
By profession, I am a web-based software developer and use Microsoft technology to develop software.

Recently I was assigned a task to get through some ISO protocols to get ISO certification.

I need some tutorials about the topics below. I already googled but can not relate to the most relevant.

Please help me to find out for the topics


Thank you

Jim Wynne

Staff member
It's something like relating module.

(Module ) 1st Colum | ( Module Level-1 ) 2nd Column | (Module Level -2) 3rd Column | (Module Level -3) 4th Column
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I think you need to provide a better description of what you're trying to accomplish. In your initial post you wrote, "Recently I was assigned a task to get through some ISO protocols to get ISO certification." What "ISO protocols" are you referring to?


Staff member
Super Moderator
I know of 2 IT-related standards, ISO 27001 (the snipped doesn't match that) and ISO 12207 (I don't know / have that one but I don't think that's it, either). The text makes me wonder if it's something like devops certification (Microsoft?)? Agree with the other: we don't really have sufficient information to help. Find out what the specific standard is.
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