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Need several examples of procedures


Muhd Firdaus

Hi all,

I am currently involve in preparing some procedures for my department as for ISO9001 purpose. I am currently having some difficulty to prepare few procedures and hope i can get the sample for my reference here. Below are the list of procedure that i need.

1) Pre-production / First Article Quality Control Procedure.

2)Sub Con Quality Control Procedure

3)Supplier Quality Audit and Control Procedure

Please help to provide me the template. i have no experience in doing the 4 procedure above.therefore please provide me some sample procedure as for me to start. Appreciate your support and help.

Muhd Firdaus


I have searched for it but,unfortunately i cant find it. However, i have found these two procedures while searching with google for Supplier Audit Procedure and First Article Procedure. Hope that you can include these sample procedures in our forum filelist. I am sorry for the confusion. Actually i am referring to Subcontractor Control Procedure.


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Captain Nice
Staff member
Thanks for posting them here. I'm surprised there wasn't a First Article procedure example here.
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