Need speaker for ISO 19011:2011 at Quality Conference Texas



Hello Elsmar Cove Forum!

I am a conference producer in charge of the Optimizing Quality Management Conference being held March 14-15, at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas.

One of my speakers has fallen ill and requires surgery and will not be able to speak at the conference.

Is there anyone who would be interested in speaking on the ISO 19011 November `11 revision and what's to come in the coming months regarding the auditing standard?

I have attached the conference program. It consists of two days, with two track each day. (Track A and B on day 1; Track C and D on day 2) The speaker I am looking to replace is the 2:00 presentation in Track C. (See page 4 of the program)

Is there anyone out there who is not attending any standards meetings yet has the expertise to present on this topic?

Since I'm new to the forum I am not allowed to post links. If you want to view the conference website you can search "quality conference texas"


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Re: Need speaker for ISO 19001:2011 at Quality Conference Texas

You can put the web site in your Profile and people can contact you through the forum PM system if you have it turned on in your User Options. Both your Profile and Options links are in your UserCP (User Control Panel).
I'd love to and definitely have the expertise (I've taught 19011 since it came out in 2002), but you'd have to convince my employer


Hi Randy,

Thank you for your interest. How would I go about convincing your employer?

What are they looking for that would convince them of the benefits of having you speak at the conference and representation in front of our attendees?

My email is on my profile page if you would prefer to have this discussion off of the forum.

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