Need to update to ISO 9001:2000, current registered to ISO 9002



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New job, what did I get into? Just love it……….
Need to update to ISO 9001-2000, current registered to ISO 9002
Time is limited (need Quality Manual & Procedures to external auditor by 10/1).
No money for outside education, unless absolutely required.
Small job shop – 10 employees
Because of lack of business, Quality position has been limited. So I am having a rough time of finding OE.

Last job was bigger company. Someone else was responsible for Quality Manual and main procedures. I was responsible for the Prototype department procedures and other documentation. I’m trained in QS9000 and have done QS9000 internal auditing. Is it required that I have additional training to do internal auditing or is a way I can show OE, that I have the requirements to audit to ISO?

Need to revise Quality Manual & Procedures, which currently is very lengthy and set up by numerically to ISO 9002. Importance of maintaining registration for future business is mandatory, so we are looking for a way to get through this first audit, and then making additional improvements. Hopefully then, outside training will also be available.

How many months of OE will I need to show the auditors in December?
Trying to get a feel for process approach?

I know that most of this information is out here somewhere, but I’m starting to panic…… :frust:
So short and sweet, would be great.

Shaun Daly

Not a good situation.

1) Take the QS blinkers off :)
2) Research what a process is, how to map it & how to audit them.
3) Draw a visual representation of your business to include in your QAM
4) Make sure you have the 6 required procedures (Maybe maps, up to you)
5) Try & map as many processes if possible - Not strictly required (Unless your training is pants) but it does help looking at systems that way.
6) Pray your interpretation matches your assessor.

Here are some test docs, many, many other good examples here.


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Mike S.

Happy to be Alive
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Aside from the above good advice, for $25 I think you can become a member here with download access and download lots of great examples of q manuals, process map examples, procedures, etc. submitted by others. Sounds like it would be a good investment for your company. And, of course, advice is free for any specific questions from lots of experts on the Cove!
vpickell said:
I know that most of this information is out here somewhere, but I’m starting to panic…… :frust:
So short and sweet, would be great.

First of all: Welcome to the Cove. :bigwave:

Next: You will not be the only one in this situation. Unfortunately, many have postponed (procrastinated?) the upgrade to the last moment. At the moment I'm about 10 minutes away from going on a vacation trip (I'm actually on vacation now), but I'm quite certain the other Cove dwellers will aid you in your quest.

And hey: Don't panic... and good luck. :agree:



vpickell said:
New job, what did I get into? Just love it……….
Need to update to ISO 9001-2000, current registered to ISO 9002
Time is limited (need Quality Manual & Procedures to external auditor by 10/1).

Hello and welcome :bigwave:

The grand idea is Not To Panic, but to sit back enoy your coffe and take your time scaning this site. Im sure you will find ample support here. enough to take some of stress from your mind anyway.

I should know since I am in the very same position as you are, BUT WHY I AM STILL PANICKING? then again it might just be my personality.

I recomend you use the search function diligently as well as the related links function at the bottom of the current thread you have open. Exellent items both!

Now Im sure regular contributors will be most generous with tips and good counsel but be warned they have a tendency to add clever remarks such as: "This problem was ventilated sometime last century - go look fore that thread". Please accept them as they are. Wisdom and expericnce, especially with ISO, comes with age. These guys are very ... experienced.

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Jimmy Olson

Hello and welcome.

First thing, as already stated, don't panic (easier said than done). Don't be afraid to take a step back and take a breath throughout the transition.

I would agree that getting access to attachments would be very beneficial. There are a number of quality manuals, process maps, and other procedures posted all over.

Have you performed a gap analysis yet? There are several checklists that you can use and this would be helpful in determining what you need to do. You may be surprised that you don't have to do as much as you think. Since you are 9002 certified you already have a good groundwork for everything.

Make sure you have the support of everyone and that your coworkers are willing to assist you as needed.

Start at a high level and get an overall picture to determine what absolutely needs to be done and then break it up into chunks that are easier to get done.

There are plenty of people here who have gone throught the same thing that are more than willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask any question. No matter how silly you may think it is, someone here has probably asked it before. :)

kglennie - 2003

I would suggest that sit down and simplify the entire system. Spending money on training can be kept to a minimum if you phone the government agencies or local business to find out the cost of a one day course for auditing. Most times you can join another company to keep costs lower.

As for your manual and procedures, I have found the best way to do this is to keep it simply and write exactly what is being done in the plant. You can always add to the system later.

It seems to me like you have lots of time, there is an article in Quality Progress Magainze on the change over in less than a year. Very good helpful hints.



A better place for $25?

Link removed as it appears to be an advertisement for a book.

Jimmy Olson

htanaka said:
A better place for $25?

But it's kind of difficult to ask a book questions and get good answers:vfunny:

Kim is right. You do have plenty of time, even though it may not seem like it. We actually made the transition in less than 3 months.

Keeping things simple is also good advice. There's no need to put in extra detail if it doesn't serve any purpose.

And always remember to relax. It's just a job :D

James Gutherson

My advise would be to get your auditor to come in and do a pre-transition assessment. That way you will know what your gaps are in the auditors eyes. (then close them)

Don't worry about not understanding the process approach, most auditors don't understand it yet either.

Also don't worry about changing the numbering of your old documentation, that doesn't matter. Just provide a cross reference table somewhere to show where the elements in the old documentation meet the new standard.

Like the others said you probably already have 99% of what is required from your 9002 stuff. Most likely a little look at the process interactions, what goes in - what comes out - what is required to make the input into the output - and what are the next process' that use the output of this process as their input.

Another area that 'we' needed to address was customer satisfaction monitoring. I think it was more our specific area that was causing the problem, but you might want to look at this.

BTW, you mentioned that your bosses say it is essential that certification is maintained - but you can't have any extra money for training! This to me is not showing much of a commitment to the system (5.1 Top management shall provide evidence of it's commitment to...the quality management system...). You cite a lack of business as the reason for the shortfall in funds, but then what happens if you lost the certification because there was no money for training (doubtfull I know). You said yourself that certification was necessary for new business. Where is the money going to come from now? I think you need to talk with your senior management about their priorities, if certification is so important, then training to maintain certification is even more important. (you gotta spend a little to get a little)
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