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Needs and expectations of workers and other interested parties ISO 45001

John C. Abnet

Good day @Ashok sunder ;
It will be difficult for anyone outside of your organization to provide this (determine this) for your organization.

I recommend starting by asking questions amongst within your leadership team. For example...

1- What do our workers care about?
a) Steady employment
b) Fair income
c) Safe work environment
d) Work - Leisure balance
e) Affirmation/feeling appreciated
f) Having a clear purpose
g) Having a voice (i.e. workers want to be able to provide input to the organization)

2- What are our "other" interested parties? What do they care about?
a) The community No harm to their environment and families
b) Our shareholders No harm to their workers, bad publicity, or lawsuits
c) Legal and regulatory agencies Compliance
d) Insurance companies No claims by workers or on behalf of the environment.

Hope this helps.
Be well.
One attached which I put together covering quality and health and safety management system standards. I have attached as an editable file in case anyone wants to update it as it is not exhaustive.


Interesting, blackbuster
Could You share other example for context? Thanks


Starting to get Involved

I like that short (but to the point) questionnaire.

I presented an awareness session yesterday to team members where I talked about seeking ideas for continuous improvement from the workers (i.e. the people who work in the 'engine room' of the business). They're the ones who create 'value'and have the best ideas to operate safer and more effectively (an efficiently).

We promote the use of an 'ideas board' using post-it notes, and we incentivise this to encourage the workforce to contribute their thoughts and ideas. However, the employee engagement questionnaire would be a good tool for top management to use to gauge perception on the part of the workforce.

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