Andy Bassett

Has anybody ever tried working with the above company.

Never in my whole life have i cone across such a mess. This company deals with issuing Domain Names, and i strongly advise you to stay well away.

Have i had some one-off problems?. I couldnt call them one-off, i am convinced that somewhere inside this company is an employee or group of employees that are consistently trying to sabotage it.

I am so stunned with their ineptitude that i have decided that their must be a way of making money out of it, so now i am collecting all their twaddle and i will ocnstruct out of it a course on 'how not to offer custoemr service'.

If you are looking for similar material, try and buy something from these guys and you will get all you want.


Andy B


Trusted Information Resource

Unfortunately, in the domain name game, Network Solutions is at the top....scarey thought, isn't it. My IT consultant is also a web master, and he is always having difficultites with them, but he says the others are worse, if you can beleive it. My suggestion, get a name and an event number (not real sure if this is what they call it, but when you report a problem, they assign a number to it for future references) from who you speak with.

Best of luck to you,
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