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New AIAG FMEA Process - How to complete the new format


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Quick feedback on this new revision coming from applying in an automotive electronics project.

Seems the structure breakdown in essence is a great approach however I found rather difficult to apply to electronics.

My sneaking suspicion at the moment, unless I am utterly wrong, that it is more likely for mechanical structures where the connection of components kind of straight forward due to the obvious sequential nature by physics, for electronics however representing the physical structure blows up a horrendous 3D spider net to represent in those 3 columns.

Finally I have dropped the structural approach and follow the journey of electricity on the schematics to nail this structure.

Also, word of caution is to use fmea in conjunction with FTA or other approach that provides more functional insights as a complementer to dfmea.

Ratings for severity/occurance/etc seem academic as usual for designs, we can use that, adds little to none to design analysis.
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