New AIAG Special Molding Assessment CQI-23


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I received notification from AIAG that they have a new CQI special assessment. Yea! - Never see those. :sarcasm: Anyway, has anyone heard any rumors that any of the OEMs are going to require this as they do so many of the other CQIs? I didn't find anything on the IATF website.

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Jim Wynne

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It's here at the AIAG site for those interested. Although I don't know anything specific, I do know that AIAG wouldn't have developed it if it weren't for the OEMs wanting it in place, so I would be surprised if it weren't being required of automotive molding shops in the near future.


First off - yes, the CQIs are all customer consider. This is where the IATF Rules for auditor / certification will point an organization to "customer requirements" have been reviewed.

Mostly it's: "Does not apply" or "yup, applies, already got it covered" (if you know your business)" or "wait! What!? What's CQI-XX" I need to review / assess THAT one [to be sure]"

I can report the above because I just sat through a Stage 1 readiness review audit for ISO/TS certification. From the audit, I had to give evidence of CQIs that SO apply.

NOW - I work in plastic-extrusion, blow-molding of plastic resins (HDPE & EVOH); Does CQI-23 apply to this business?

Thanks for the assist


BTW, I do like the idea of a 'canned' format by AIAG to assess the CQIs. Beats me spending the time to create an assessment form or cover-letter of sorts. Might be worth the time to check it out (if the price is right).


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Thanks all for the input. As to if it applies, we do have a molding process, but I don't know if it is blow-molding. I'll have to ask the design engineer.


It is an AIAG specific quality manual. It is referenced in the Chrysler specific section of TS. It was just added in August 2014.
I don?t know what is in the document but I assume the supplier can order it from AIAG.
We just learned about it recently.

Keith Childers

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IATF has posted new GM Customer Specifics, effective January 2015, which includes the addition of CQI-23.

4.1.15 Plastics Molding Processes

Clause of ISO/TS 16949:2009 requires that the organization shall audit each manufacturing
process to determine its effectiveness. Applicability and effectiveness of plastics molding processes
shall be determined utilizing the most current version CQI-23 Special Process: Molding System
Assessment (CSA), published by AIAG, and records maintained. The effectiveness evaluation shall
include the organization?s self-assessment, actions taken, and that records are maintained.
This requirement shall also apply to molding suppliers to the organization pursuant to ISO/TS
16949:2009 Clause (supplier development clause).

NOTE 1: 2nd Party assessment by a competent auditor and meeting the above requirements will satisfy
the self-assessment requirement.

NOTE 2: Implementation effectiveness should be based on evidence that the organization has a
process in place that includes elements such as auditors identified, schedule for self-assessment in
place including schedule adherence, supplier development process identified for applicable suppliers,
monitoring of progress, defined corrective action process and record-keeping.

Mike Murphy

Unlike most other additions/ammendments to the Customer Specific Requirements GM is requiring that this special process assessment is implemented immediately. Essentially, you have to have this implemented and in-use between the release of CQI-23 and your upcoming TS surveillance/re-certification audit date. So, for those of you who have external TS audits coming up soon you better get moving. Registrars ARE auditing to this and are expecting to see outputs from the assessment.


The people that I deal with in the injection molding business on a regular basis tell me that both Chrysler and GM are requiring CQI-23 assessment these days and expect all auditors to be able to handle that part of the business in the same manner they treat any other special processes.
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