New Challenges - PaulJSmith Update (November 2016)



Well, as noted in a previous thread, I had some differences of opinion with a management consultant regarding the use of a specific software in an unusual application. It seems that was the final wedge, as I was released from that position back in the middle of September.

After the last couple of months getting some work done around the farm, and on a few music projects, I have landed in a new position as Quality Manager at a metal tube fabricator in St. Louis, MO. They are in the same situation as the previous job; just beginning their quest for ISO 9001:2015 certification. It's a different industry than I am used to, but I'm looking forward to the new challenges.

Glad to be back at work again. :agree1:


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Good to hear you're back in the game and happy! My bet is the time off was good and hopefully the change will be for the better.

I've seen a lot of good people trashed by "management consultants" over the years over differences in opinions, and I say that as someone who spent a lot of years as a management consultant. There are good ones out there, but... I never worked with a company where anyone was fired due to my being there helping them, and I never had an unhappy client company.


Thanks, Marc. Unfortunately, I was not the first person let go because of a disagreement with this particular consultant. However, so it goes sometimes. Onward.

The time off was definitely both refreshing and productive.

A silver lining to all of this is that, thanks to the generosity of my new employer, my wife has now resigned from her accounting position, and is going to stay home and concentrate her efforts on growing her dog training business. She finally gets to do what she loves to do full-time.


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I've worked with tubing suppliers in my past automotive experience. Do they do rolled or drawn tubing or both?


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Watch out for those tubing suppliers. They are a crafty bunch. My old sales manager told me a story when he was starting out. And order came over for a load of long tube. The new Purchasing manager at the customer insisted that it be shipped via a box car. My guy pleaded with the PM to use a flat car, but the PM insisted it had to go by box car. Flustered, his manager said "lets go." They went out to the yard and got the crappiest box car they could. They had the end of the car cut off. Put the tub inside the box car and then welded the end back on. Painted the car so it looked "like new." A few weeks later, the Purchasing manager called and asked "how did you get it in there?" :D


We buy the tube material from suppliers, Miner. We do the cutting, bending, drilling, welding, assembly, and finishing (powder coat) here.

The founder and CEO of the company used to work for a nearby tube manufacturer, and they are one of our primary suppliers. That's a great story, though, Golfman25.
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