New forum software - Welcome back Jerry!


Ryan Wilde


I waited and waited when the forum came back online in the new format for someone, anyone to say "welcome back, missed you while things were down, love the new format, etc." It never came.

I guess that leaves it to me, albeit belated. Jerry, welcome back to the land of the web-living, missed you while the cove was down, love the new format.

It's a dark day in webland when it is left to me to be the greeting party...


Jerry Eldred

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Unfortunately I am kind of an outsider. While it was down, I was waiting and wondering what was happening. I am in the Southwest, and the forum is someplace else. My only relationship to the forum is as moderator for this topic.

I work at a regular job totally separate from the forum, just like the rest of us. I do this in my spare moments, as it is educational for me (as an up and coming person in the corporate level calibration world of my company (a Fortune 100 company). I find the topics and answering questions informative for me ( I learn a lot from them).


Love the new format.. Glad to see it back on line. Thanks for the welcome, Ryan. I could accept the thanks for the new format, but unfortunately I wouldn't get away with taking credit. But I accept them as much is reasonable to do so.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Well, I apologise. Of all the 'regulars' here, Jerry is 'The Man' in calibration and related issues.

I also say - welcome back!
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