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Yeah, I hear you Johnny..........the increase in salary is NOT worth the increase in headaches and hassles. Been there, done that, went back to being an engineer.


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Titles vary between companies anyway. We have various forms of engineer, manager, head ofs, directors, etc. Then there's assistant, apprentice, plain blank title, senior, principle, lead and leader. Then a senior in engineering is higher ranked than senior in quality engineering. Some have lead engineers others have leaders. Then managers have senior and lead too. Directors of sections within a department or director of a programme or director on the company or business unit management board. All different levels and obviously pay.

Titles? We have plenty of them. At the end of the day each person gets a pay grade so you might see a lead engineer in one department being paid less than a senior engineer in another. What matters is that you get done what's needed and are paid for it.

Nearly forgot we have consultants and consultant engineers. Also, partners whatever they are I have no idea.

My previous few jobs I was able to pick my own title with only a few prescriptions. Supreme God of Quality was taken by a director apparently. Although he often slagged off quality as a cost to the company. I went with Quality Engineer and thought nothing about it. Everyone I dealt with called me by my name and knew what I did. Now, I'm new guy earning twice what I used to because I am now paid what my job deserves right now.
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