New metal detector, ccp -help!


I started my job 3months ago, managing QE in a food production company. Coming from a job working with QC in a medical company, i feel very lost. 22000 and haccp is new to me.

Well… long story short -last wednesday I was informed that we were under down time, because our metal detector was being replaced.

Super short: there has been no mapping of the process. No documentation of the process at all. The only answers i Get is -This is a 1:1 change, and the company installing the MD provided documented evidence of the settings and tests done with different test sticks. We Are replacing an old one with a new and better one.

Also i am the manager of the haccp-team. And… I know we are going to be audited unannounced between january 22 to august 22.

My struggle here, is that i am by my self on this. We do not have any internal routines on 22000 and haccp. And the overall understanding of 22000 and haccp is 0.

How would you proceed from here if you were me?

The MD is up and running as we speak. And the only documented data we have, is the papers from the ones who installed the MD.


I would recommend the fisher F2. A bit more money but it works well and is a good starter detector and easy to use. It will last you a long while. Also, pick up a Garret pinpointer and a Lesche digging tool and some gloves :0)
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