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New PSW due to Company Name Change


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My company (Siemens VDO) changed the name some years ago as all automotive sector was sold, now we are part of Continental Automotive

I have TS external audit this week and we showed some PSW we approved to our suppliers several year ago (Siemens VDO) now the auditor claims we need to send another PSW with the new company name, but I explained we only submit a new PSW after problem, ECN, PTN, etc. etc., that requires PSW, but not just because we changed the company name.

Otherwise we will need to submit PSW's for all the thousands parts we approved in the past.....
Is there any official spec, regulation or standard thta mention we must do this? or something where I can demonstrate auditor we are not obligated to do this??
At the end we are the same company and the part in question has not been changed since long time ago, why do I must send a PSW??

Any help on this ??

Thanks in advance!

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Re: New PSW due company name change

I think that this requirement by the auditor as you explain it is extreme and he needs to explain this
You must ask the auditor where this requirement is defined in the standard
He is required to show you the "shall" in the standard.
The shall at the moment is Product approval process
The organization shall conform to a product and manufacturing process approval procedure recognized by the customer.
If the customer does not mandate PPAP then he cannot even demand AIAG PPAP!:nope:
The PPAP handbook states:

1.1 Submission of PPAP
The organization shall obtain approval (see 5.2.1) from the authorized customer representative for:
1. a new part or product (e.g,, a specific part, material, or color not previously supplied to the specific customer).
2. correction of a discrepancy on a previously submitted part.
3. product modified by an engineering change to design records, specifications, or materials.
4. any situation required by Section 3.
NOTE: If there is any question concerning the need for production part approval, contact the authorized customer representative.

3.1 Customer Notification
The organization shall notify the authorized customer representative of any planned changes to the
design, process, or site. Examples are indicated in the table below (see Table 3.1).
NOTE: Organizations are responsible to notify the authorized customer representative of all changes to the part design and/or the manufacturing process.
Upon notification and approval of the proposed change by the authorized customer representative, and after change implementation, PPAP submission is required unless otherwise specified.


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Re: New PSW due company name change

Thanks a lot!!

I knew this and I'm in the same page, but he claimed we are no longer VDO, we are a new company and we need to change this....., I didn't want to start a discussion with the auditor but I will check it with my management.....

Thanks again to confirm this

Good day!!
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Re: New PSW due company name change

I'm in the same condition , as you mention about your situation we only change the company name but some customers required New PPAP for all part numbers that we approved before.
We only update the company name and IMDS, and we send only PSW with this information updated,.

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