New QS-9000 Sanctioned Interpretations - 1 July 2001


Kentucky Fan

New QS-9000 Sanctioned Interpretations - 1 July 2001 (Part 1)

Does anyone have any idea when the QS9000 Sanctioned Interpretations will be released, and will it reflect any changes to the ISO 9000:2000 release?

Aaron Lupo

The current version of the SI's are at:

9001:2000 does not affect QS-9000 in the least.

Unless you have a split registration you do not need to worry about ISO 9K2K

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ml retcher

New QS Interpretations 1 July 2001 (Pt 1)

Effective July 1, 2001 one of the new interpretations added is:

4.6 - Purchasing
C9 - Supplier Development ( (07/01/01)

"goal of subcontractor compliance" requires subcontractors to achieve compliance within a defined period not to exceed 18 months from the effective date of this sanctioned interpretation. Minimum subcontractor compliance shall be certification by an accredited certification body to a current version of ISO 9000 Quality Management Series of Standards, excluding ISO 9003: plus any requirements specified by the customer.

NOTE: The second note under referencing "priortization" does not negate this requirement.
The note in the QSR states:
The "prioritization" of subcontractors for development is dependent upon the needs of the subcontractor relative to the requirements of QS-9000 and the importance of the product or service they supply.

HELP! I have several mom and pop shops that supply me with great product, no quality issues but are not big enough to spend the money on being certified. Any suggestions or comments would help me with them?

Jim Biz

Does it say "achieve certification" or achieve "compliance"?? I'm not in favor of compliance self-declaration - but in some of these cases you might be able to "help them along" with a minimum documentation structure.... IMHO it may be an acceptable way to extend the 18 month period until something else "can" be done.



I have the same problem with subcontractors, most are too small to afford registration. Does this apply to all vendors (pens,paper,trash removal, etc) or just vendors performing work on customer parts? I don't know yet how we are going to deal with this.


Al Dyer

Things are going to get very interesting with this requirement. Some possibilities:

1: Under the realm of supplier development, the customer will assist in setting up the system. The supplier already has a system in place that could be used as a model for the sub-contractor.

2: Sub-contractor bites the bullit and makes a business decision as to what level of supplier they want to be.

3: Supplier pays for or subsidizes the cost of registration of the sub-contractor.

4: The sub-contractor meets with all of their customers and gets some type of subsidy from their customer base.

5: Supplier buys the sub-contractor.

6: Big three realize they are full of crap and let their suppliers control their own company and sub-contractor base. (hahahahahah)

Good luck to all of us!


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Fully vaccinated are you?
Originally posted by Jim Biz:
Does it say "achieve certification" or achieve "compliance"??

-> Minimum subcontractor compliance shall be certification by
-> an accredited certification body


I don't have a copy of the standard in front of me so I may be off base but...

In the standard it gives the acceptable methods of registration. I believe one of them is ceritfication by the customer. Perhaps this is one way around this.

Also I note that the requirement is to ISO, not QS.



Fully vaccinated are you?
I have worked with companies as small as 8 people. Investment shouldn't be more than US$10K max.

They have my empathy, but.... If they want 'big three' business (no matter where down the food chain they are) they'll pay the money and go through registration.
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