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This should be a no brainer. When referring to the new standard in our documentation, shouldn't it be shown as "ANSI/ISO/AQS Q9001-2000 American National Standard". The term "International" has been replaced by the above!? A note in ANSI/ISO/AQS Q9000-2000 (Fundamentals and Vocabulary) says "As used in this document, the term "International Standard" refers to the American National Standard adoption of this and other international standards". I beez a little confused.

Jim Biz

Just a thought:

What's incorrect with ISO 9001/2000? Seems to me that using all the ANSI///// Q/// stuff tends to put our folks on the defensive before they even know what the question or task is.

But then again you wouldn't be "wrong" doing it as you have posted.


David Mullins

Personally I just use "ISO 9001", but you could just as easily use "Q9001".

At the beginning of the manual you state that ISO 9001 means ANSI/ISO/AQS Q9000-2000.



I was more concerned about the description:
American National Standard vs International Standard.


I think in every country or region you can see that the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 same as 9000 & 9004 is adapted (only in the name) to that special needs of language or region.
For instance,I use the spanish version bought in Mexico, who says in three lines:
ISO 9001:2000
COPANT/ISO 9001-2000
That means,
First line.. International Reference
Second line.. Regional Reference
Third line.. National Reference
These standards are used in Latin America and Spain, so they only replace de third line by the respective national code

Finally, IMHO the most important thing is that, at last, we are using the SAME standard no matter the differences in culture, region or language

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