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brand new sub contractor site

I have a sub contractor who is starting a brand new plant.
they seem to think they have 1 yr after sop to get qs9000 certified. I think they need a pre-assessment before ppap.
there is some verbage in the sanctioned interpretation about joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, does this cover new plant sites?
your help would be appreciated.


Looking over the SI, I read they must be registered prior to the shippment of product. The only "outs" I see is to have an "OEM customer-approved second party" audit. With that said, I have several reports of CB's allowing for OEM "waivers" of C-9. I see no place that allows such a waiver, but apparently they are happening. With this in mind, who knows what the rules are now.



Do not have them go for QS - it is dead. TS is the logical choice if they are providing production parts. TS requires 12 months of production data, managment review and internal audits prior to registration. All the registrars I have talked to say the preferred method is to gain ISO 9001: 2000 and then upgrade to TS after 12 months of data are available. The timeframe will be up to the customer. I have a client now that is supplying GM from a new assembly plant down south. They are being give six months from the start of production to have the certificate.

If you are the main customer, you can dictate what certification you require and when you want them to have it.

Hope this helps,


Randy Stewart

Carry Over?

Is this a carryover process? Is it being transferred from 1 plant to the new plant? If so don't forget the SREA! And most of all find out what the end customer wants.

If it is a transfered operation the new PPAP is a must, that's a given. However, as for certification timeframe, that's up to the ultimate customer. What I've seen happen is you get asked "What do you want, a certificate or parts to build with?" If they are already certified then a year to get up to speed should be a good target. What are your options? Desource them? If you do that how long will it take to find alternate suppliers? Personnally, I don't think a year is unreasonable, especially when talking production. IMO as long as you are keeping watch on their incoming quaity and they are staying on schedule with gaining certification, then I don't see a problem. This could be a great test of your supplier control system and a chance to showoff your supplier development strategy!
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