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New TL 9000 Released - Can Exclude more than Clause 7



TL 9000 release 4.0 became effective on June 30, 2006. All registered TL 9000 organizations have one year to migrate to the new release. There is an interesting new element in TL 9000 release 4.0:
Clause 3.1 Registration Scope
... Organizations may consider TL 9000 additional requirements for exclusion outside of clause 7 if the TL 9000 additional requirements cannot be applied by the organization. If the organization has responsibility for the process then the requirement shall not be excluded.
To me it is not clear what "has responsibibility for the process" actually mean.

How will these affect those organizations that must also maintain an ISO 9001:2000 registration since ISO 9001:2000 does not allow exclusions outside of clause 7?

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