New to ISO 9001 - Where to begin?


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Hello all. My organization is looking to become ISO 9001 Certified. Although there is so many resources and information out there, it can be quite overwhelming. Do any of you have suggestions of organizations, consultants and/or literature that I could benefit from as I begin this journey?
Go to Youtube and do a search for "intro to ISO 9001." Then learn as you go when you implement your system. Along the way, search this site and create new posts when you can't find answers to your specific questions.


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In addition to buying ISO9001, you may also want to buy ISO9000 which defines many of the terms used in 9001.

Then web search "introduction to ISO 9001" and "implementing ISO9001." Try to primarily read things for the 2015 version, and read multiple sources. Each writer has a slightly different take on the standard, and some sources may be more applicable to your company than others. Videos are fine too.

Elsmar is a great resource because if someone says something wrong or controversial, someone else will likely respond.

After you have some basic familiarity with the standard, consider taking a one or two day class on the standard. I think it is better to have some basic knowledge of the standard before taking a class.

Marc and other people here know what they are talking about, and things written about the big concepts for the older versions still apply to the current version.

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Learn how to audit your organization so you understand how it works as a system (internally as parts working together to fulfill its purpose). Not forgetting its interactions with its customers and suppliers.

And search the Cove for developing a process-based management system.

Please let us know your progress and do not hesitate to ask more questions.


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The biggest stumbling block for me as a beginner was to try to parse/redefine/pigeonhole our company processes into 9001 clauses. All that did was distort what we actually did, add confusion, and result in unnecessary complication.

Instead, we should have just mapped out our own processes thoroughly as they existed, and only then to see in what way and to what extent all the clauses applied to each process, and whether the existing process met the applicable clauses or not.

Also, the free ISO APG guidance docs for auditors provide some helpful explanations for various clauses:
ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group

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Exactly Tagin.

Writing a set of documents around the clauses in the standard was common three decades ago. Such approaches rightly earned “ISO systems” a bad reputation.

These days more organizations realize they’ve already got 80 to 90% of the processes working more or less effectively for them to readily develop their system to more naturally fulfill the requirements of the standard.


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Do not worry about ISO 9001 requirements at first. As @Tagin mentioned, focused on mapping out our your processes and how they work with each other. Identify how the information/data flows from one process to the other. Once you have this understood then move into the ISO 9001 requirements. Identify how the requirements are met. Work on the gaps. Do not force change just to meet the standard. As you journey thorugh it - ask questions here or reach out for help. Good luck!

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I'm surprised that no one mentioned buying ISO 9002:2016 as well. It was specifically written to aid in the implementation of ISO 9001:2015.

Read 9001 first. Look up terms your not sure of in 9000. Then read 9002 along with 9001. They are written using the same numbering system. It will help you see how others have approached the requirements of 9001.
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