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New to QC, looking for resources

Hello all,

Looking forward to some great discussion here, I've been in my current role for about 4 months as a Quality Assistant Manager at a VERY small company and honestly I've been lost. The past 10 years of my employment has been in manufacturing, basically just on the floor until about a year ago, I got into a QC tech role doing inspections and testing in the commercial glass industry. They found my knack for document management and when the former controlled document person got canned, I was next up to bat. Created and mantained their docs for a few months until I found a quality role that seemed to fit my skilset and was MUCH closer to home and payed about 50% to boot.

BOY was I in for a surprise. Like I said, they're a small company and initially I was hired to run a contracer, but I got in with the quality manager and just from him seeing my critical thinking skills and my proficience in the Office suite...I was moved into his office, someone else got hired for the tracer and I'm not stuck doing ALL of our corrective actions. I've never done any of this stuff in my life, but I'm trying and I'm trying to grasp what I believe to be the mindset in order to resolve all these issues. Some of them are kind of easy. Parts nonconformities are Exponentially easier in my experience than process nonconformities, but that's neither here nor there. What I really need is some proper guidance. Where can I start digging for RCCA training?


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Hi Awaffa2003.
There is loads of information in here. I recommend you start be searching "Attachment List" above. you can find all kinds of files and presentations in there. This is what I got looking for "Root Cause"
Attachment Listing - root cause search
Then come back with specifics questions that these may not answer. Don't be shy.
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