New Trend of not seeking Official ISO 9001 Registration


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The customer that insisted on having certification at my former employer was on the committee/board for the very governing body for that standard. No conflict of interest there :unsure:


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Yes, Randy. For the companies, the consultants, the registrars, those making software for gaining certification and more. Let's not forget anyone who has their hand out.
yes its a money spinner !!! all getting out of hand - remote audits due to Covid to continue - no expenses from either the company being audited or their own company, but still a money spinner for all those certification companies !


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For clarification, what's "QS"?

Really, are they allowed to do that?
"QS" refers to QS-9000. It's the original (and several versions previous to the current) Automotive standard which is now IATF-16949. I haven't heard "QS" referred to since the mid '90s.
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