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New version of OHSAS 18001

Hi !

There was water flowed under the bridge, as we say in my country (time is spent) ... but things are moving slowly regarding ISO 45001.

The two international OSHMS standards (ILO + ISO) will have two strong common points :
1- A development mobilizing contribution of different stakeholders (including employees' organizations).
2- A validation at international level (by a very large number of countries, unlike some current national OSHMS standards, obviously ...).

Regarding the important question for OSH management being employee consultation and participation in ISO 45001 OSHMS, wait and see ...

This thread on the "new" version (2007) of this british standard was frozen since 2015. It is now completely dead because BS OHSAS 18001 is going cancelled... It can be locked. Cordially.


Starting to get Involved
Well... Not to make too fine a point on it, we did exactly the opposite, by making one of our union reps part of the task group when we went for registration. It worked out truly well, not least due to the fact that he had a lot to add to the effort. Oh, and cooperation between the company and the unions concerning H&S is also an item on our Management Review agenda. I.e, this very fruitful cooperation is still very active and intended to stay that way.
Henria, congratullations. I guess you will be involved in the implementation of ISO 45001 too.


Captain Nice
Staff member
This thread is reported as "Obsolete". "This discussion is now obsolete and useless because OHSAS documents are now "WITHDRAWN TITLES" at BSI ...".

However, we do not delete discussions which are obsolete for historical purposes.
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