Newly API Q1 9th Edition applicant HELP please =)



Good afternoon everyone, the company I work for is in the process of enrolling and getting certified in the API program. The woman before me filled out the application, conformity matrix and the QA Manual. She also submitted our application via What do I do from here? We were advised to go to Houston and take an API 9th edition course for 3 days to become certified. Is this something you found useful? What steps are next to say we have a program up and running? I'm needing some direction please and I know there should be some sort of internal audit. I appreciate all of your help and advice.

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Welcome. Getting to the point..... YES go and take the class. It was very helpful. The documents that were filled out and sent to API should start your study of what was determined to already exist in your system. If you do a search here in the forum, you will find that we have a heading of our own. You can also go up to the page Logo area and search in the posts attachments list as see what has been dropped there for your review and be sure to search using words and phrases like API and Q1 9th. You can also search in the treads for the Oil and Gas forum threads. Good Luck. Let us know how your searches work out.


Thank you! I've done lots of research on this forum and it's been very helpful. I'm scheduled for the class in March and am currently working on our procedure manual. All I need right now is a checklist to make sure I have checked everything we need. Any suggestions? Thank you

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I no longer consult for API Q1 (I did before version 9), but as a general statement I can clearly say that the more you know the better off you will be in administering your quality management system. Take the class.
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