NHTSA - Crash imminent braking and dynamic brake support to its New Car Assessment


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NHTSA will add crash imminent braking and dynamic brake support to its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)

Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces Plan to Add Two Automatic Emergency Braking Systems to Recommended Vehicle Advanced Technology Features

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx
NHTSA 02-15
January 22, 2015
Contact: Catherine Howden, 202-366-9550, [email protected]

WASHINGTON – Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to add two cutting-edge automatic emergency braking systems to the recommended advanced safety features included under its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) – the latest step in a half-century of safety innovations that have saved more than 600,000 lives, according to new research NHTSA released today.

The agency plans to continue to encourage development and commercialization of additional promising safety-related technologies of vehicle automation through its recommendation of two automatic emergency braking systems – crash imminent braking (CIB) and dynamic brake support (DBS). The addition is the latest in a long history of safety innovations covered in NHTSA's new report, which uses data from the agency's Fatal Accident Reporting System to create a statistical model that estimated safety technologies have saved 613,501 lives since 1960.

"Today marks an enormous leap in the evolution of auto safety by encouraging adoption of new technologies to keep drivers and their passengers safe on our roads," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "I want this Department, the entire automotive industry, and other innovators to keep raising the bar on safety like we are doing now."

According to NHTSA data, one-third of all police-reported crashes in 2013 involved a rear-end collision (see http://elsmar.com/Forums/album.php?albumid=101) with another vehicle at the start of the crash. The agency also found that a large number of drivers involved in rear-end crashes either did not apply the brakes at all or did not apply the brakes fully prior to the crash. Crash imminent braking and dynamic brake support systems can intervene by automatically applying the vehicle's brakes or supplementing the driver's braking effort to mitigate the severity of the crash or to avoid it altogether.

If the above link fails (it's a .GOV type so in a year or 2, who knows...), the following link will still work.

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Re: NHTSA - Crash imminent braking and dynamic brake support to its New Car Assessmen

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