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Back in the 1980's when I was working at what was then Cincinnati Electronics in Evendale, one year they did a "clean out" of all the old "stuff" they had (mostly in the electrical measurements and "gadgets" field). All sorts of meters and "what nots", and most were in beautiful wooden cases. Many of the cases alone were works of art. But there was also a lot of "....wonder what this was from...." stuff.

When I read the Ars article it brought to my mind some memories of when they did that big "clean out".

The history of CE is in here - Wikipedia reference-linkPowel_Crosley_Jr.
In 1973, the Evendale, Ohio operation of AVCO Electronics Division was purchased by a group of key AVCO executives. The new company became known as Cincinnati Electronics Corporation, and manufactured a broad range of sophisticated electronic equipment for communications and space, infrared and radar, and electronic warfare, among others.

Since the creation of the Cincinnati Electronics Corporation in 1973, the company has been acquired by a handful of companies, including GEC Marconi (1981), BAE Systems (1999), CMC Electronics (2001), and L-3 Communications (2004–present).

Cincinnati Electronics today -
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