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I discovered the art of NLP recently and would like to start this subject by asking all who would like to share their experiences regarding this very broad yet specific form of communications skills using language and human behavour analyzing techniques, this is a must for those who are in the business of managing and analizing people and continuous improvements through quality. Attached are the URL's for two sites that may move you to become interested.


Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Interesting topic.

I heard a book on tape about rapport, but I do not recall who the author was.

The tape went into describing how an individual will make eye gestures when recalling information. If the individual looked up and to the left, in general the individual was recalling actual data. If the individual looked up and to the right, in general the individual was creating a mental image of data that did not exist. In other words, they were making up an answer or a mental picture of how they thought something should appear.

I have personally taught to my internal auditors to look for these actions, to generally get an impression of whether the auditee was being forthwith or embellishing data. When embellishment was being detected, I instructed my auditors to proceed a bit further down the path of discovery to see if there was anything uncover.

Body language and shifty eyes can key an auditor into extending the line of questioning and discovery. Still, folks should understand the reasons why folks hide things, and proceed with caution and concern for the individual's feelings.




You hit the nail on the head as far as the NLP techniques go.
You may want to view the pages of Robert Dilts, he is the person responsible for the best research on this subject, his URL is
When I prepare for an audit I tend to use key leading words that will give me the best possible feedback from the auditee, these leading words being very NLP in origin.
I was recomended three books to read regarding this subject by a leading practitioner of NLP here in Canada, the books are WORDS THAT CHANGE MINDS by Shelley Chervais and two books by Sue Knight called NLP AT WORK and NLP SOLUTIONS.
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