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Hi everybody

At evaluating to include some activities from the finance process, I found that
in 2015 version, its stated that it is not considered (see annex B below)

Then how do you consider this process (finance(billing process) is still out of the standard if it is vital and important in a bussiness?

What are you doing with finance/billing process/resources ($$) into your ISO system?

Thanks for your time

Annex B provides details of other International Standards on quality management and quality
management systems that have been developed by ISO/TC 176.
This International Standard does not include requirements specific to other management systems,
such as those for environmental management, occupational health and safety management, or financial management.


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It's your management system, so you should include what makes sense for you to include. What Annex B says is that there are no financial management requirements in ISO 9001. When ISO 9001 CB auditors visit they shouldn't audit bookkeeping, but should look at adequate resources being provided and company KPIs that may include financial information.

Just like any other process in your system, finance/billing should have competent people (7.1.2/7.2), with awareness (7.3) of their contribution and the importance of conforming with requirements. They will most likely have documented information (7.5) determined by your company to be necessary for effective implementation of the process. And since billing interfaces with your customers they can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction (9.1.2). You see that while there are no finance requirements, there are other requirements that may be looked at for this process.

Sidney Vianna

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Thanks for your time
Congrats on your 180[sup]th[/sup] started thread. You sure do have a lot of interesting questions. :agree1:

As for the (specific) billing process to be part of the QMS, i started a thread a long time ago: Should the billing process be part of ISO 9001:2008? and it got some interesting responses. For some organizational contexts, mistakes in billing/invoicing customers are THE PRIMARY source of customer dissatisfaction. Failure to manage the billing process from a perspective that take into account the customers expectations are, basically, not riskly :cool: thinking...;)


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We had some concerns about pricing to customers from our outside financial auditors a couple of years ago. Our Comptroller asked me to include Customer Service in my internal QMS internal auditing rotation. I have not found many problems, other than our present system being VERY difficult to use. As we are in the process of implementing an ERP, I believe some of the input I have given due to my experience in this area will influence the development thereof.
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