Nonconforming product AS9100C, 8.3

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Dear Cove Members;

Our Registrar recently issued the following minor finding during our annual surveillance audit:

Orgs documented procedure shall define responsibility and authority for review and disposition of nonconforming product (8.3), and the process for approving personnel making these decisions.

Orgs nonconforming product control process shall provide for timely reporting of delivered nonconforming product.

Our procedure states:
  • In the event that nonconforming product is detected after the product was shipped to the customer, or after its use in production or service, Quality Assurance, Engineering and Operations shall analyze the impact of the nonconformity and take appropriate action. As required, the customer is informed and the nonconforming product is recalled.
a. The Recall Product Checklist, Form 582, shall be used to assess the impact.
b. The Quality Director is responsible for reporting a Product Recall to the customer.

I think we are good to go, am I wrong, please help! :notangel:


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...and the process for approving personnel making these decisions...
I don't see the process for approving personnel addressed in your procedure text.

...shall provide for timely reporting...
I don't see anything about timing about when the customer is notified in your procedure.

Is there any additional text in your procedure that would address these two issues?
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