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Nonconformity for missing form number on the job description document


Our customer representative gave us a nonconformity rated as major because the job descrition for one of our quality engineers did not have a form number. I mention that the document had revision and date and it was controlled by this. In our country the job description is s legal document apendix to the labour contract. I do not consider this a nonconformity, moreover major one.
What is your opinion?

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
What is yor oponion?
My opinion is that, as abundantly demonstrated, auditors can be obtuse at times, as in this reported case. It would be really educational for this individual to (attempt to) explain how your organization, as a supplier to them, would be better if and when the issue is "resolved". An example of a totally valueless bureaucratic finding during an audit. A basic precept of auditing is that you only identify a nonconformity IF there is a requirement AND evidence of a violation. The auditor must CITE the requirement that mandates the form to have a number; otherwise make a comment and move on.

So, you can "pretend" to do a RCA and corrective action just to appease this "auditor".
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