NPI (New Product Introduction) Quality Plan Outsourced Manufacturer/Supplier




I have just joined a life jacket manufacturing company which predominantly uses outsourced suppliers to manufacture our products. I am new in such a working environment and have been charged with creating a NPI quality plan for newly designed jackets. I would like support on the detail required for the Q plan.

Obviously - scope, project name, targets etc etc.

1:I need ensure all specs are complete/signed off before reaching supplier
2: Levels of testing required to ensure conformity
3: Inspection checklists provided to suppliers to ensure conformity
4:process for reporting Non-conformances
5: Appendix showing individual jacket test criteria, health and safety, marine safety SOLAS etc

Ideas would be great! :) Thanks


Thanks Pancho,

Yes we do have a QMS, though the company has not long been under the umbrella of a larger organization. They have had to convert from internal manufacturing to around 80% third party manufacturing company, so it is still a work in progress. I need to try and make the NPI procedure more full-proof.

Thanks again!
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