Number of UK (or worldwide) businesses certified.


Richard W

Hi All.

I have tried to find this - but am struggling a little.....

Does anyone know where to find ball park figures for the number of UK (or worldwide businesses holding certain certifications.

We have

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
SA 8000
and I am currently looking at IS0 27001

I think that SA 8000 is a waste of my time and that's why I want to focus on 27001

I am preparing for management review where I will bring this up, and the final cherry on the cake will be number of businesses with each certification as this must stand for something. (I believe there are 12 in the UK with SA 8000 ?)

Having juts been through my first audit on SA8000 at 2 of our sites , I am asking why? and have no answers so I want to move away from it.

Thanks in advance



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