Object Oriented process description for ISO 9001:2000



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I just ran across this forum today that I found very interesting. I hope I'll be able to keep up with the messages.

Now to the point. I'm a MBA student majoring in TQM. I'm thinking to write my thesis on a "universal" process model for use in ISO 9001 using object principles.
I hope that I'll be able to get some support from the "quality professional" to guide me through my work.

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I'm sure you can gain alot of knowledge from this forum. Maybe a few suggestions:

1: The FTP site is a good starting point with a gold mine full of information.

2: The search engine is top rate and will be helpful.

3: Be as detailed as possible when posting messages.

4: Have fun with the process!


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Fully vaccinated are you?
Are you referring to the process model in the new ISO 9K standard?


To be more precise I want to try and develop a process description system/method using the principles of Object Design(e.g. UML). This system/method should allow the "user" following it to create a process model that will satisfy the new ISO 9K:2001 requirements for processes.
For instance, in this method, there should be a "process map". Or each process should be linked to another one, a "link map". Or each process should have properties such as "Input", "Output", "Resources", etc. One could also imagine a sort of "use case" diagram for ISO, but also other, requirements.
Is it a bit clearer ? What do you think about it ?

I will be using the existing - but static - models used in the ISO 9K:2001.
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