Objective and Goals - ISO 9001:2008 Frequency Revision Requirements



Hi all

Could you share your opinion regarding the frequency revision of goals?
Say one objective is quality and my goal is to increase level of quality
from 60 to 80.
what is the best method to handle this issue?

For example if I set my goal to be reached within 6 months, then I guess I have to revise it every month in order to take any action if there is any deviation, or do I have to wait til 6 months?

But what it happens if I set the goal to be reached every month? and also the compliment it is revised every month.

I dont know how to handle this stuff.

Do yo have any input?


Big Jim

Why do you want to make it so difficult?

Goals do not have to be achieved in a certain time unless you say they do.

Instead of improving the score from 60 to 80, how about just setting the goal to be 80?

Determine how often you will review it. Monthly is a common interval. For some situations quarterly may work better.

At every management review confirm that the goals are appropriate (realistic).

Adjust as appropriate.

Take corrective action when you miss your goal.
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