Objective evidence for covering all shifts and locations


Douglas E. Purdy

Have gone through the first follow-up of a QS Audit, and one of the items addressed was how to prove that all shifts and locations are covered. We have two facilities and the number of shifts vary at one location, based on amount of business. I would like some ideas as to how others address this lack of evidence.

ml retcher

I simply have a sign off sheet for each person that was audited to sign off. We have a column to sign what shift this person was on when audited, area they were working in when audited, and date of the audit.

Douglas E. Purdy

The parts you are missing are:

1)I do not want to add another document to the System;
2)The QSA Checklist that we use would show what location was audited, but not the Shift. The QSA Checklist does not readily identify the shift information;
3)I do not intend making it a requirement to include this information for all observations made. I can audit a shift without having to document specific and/or detailed observations. (Yes, I am interested to know what may be done differently and if the issue is shift specific. But if not do I have to give detailed observations? My experience would say no.)

My current thought is to establish in the procedure flow that the assignments ensure that all shifts and locations are covered and when statusing the Annual Audit Schedule the Responsible Party shall check a field that all shifts and locations were audited.

Any feedback?


I include the shift to be audited in the scope of the audit when it is orginally scheduled. I have auditors who only work 2nd and 3rd shifts, therefore I try and utilize them as much as possible. By including this in the scope of the audit, they are aware of the shift to be audited, plus I can pull the internal auditing records and show an auditor. I don't believe the standard states that you must "document" that you audit in all shifts, but that all shifts must be covered. Hope this helps...Donna

Alf Gulford

This was something I've never thought about but since my auditors fill out an audit report for every interview, I could just add a block for the time the interview was started. Seems simple and straightforward. Am I missing something?



Our Audit Report Cover Sheet has a field for information pertaining to the audit to include the Auditor, Audited Area, Auditee, Audit Date, and SHIFT. If the audit overlaps from one shift to another, we enter 1/2, 2/3, or 3/1. If that would not work for you, enter the "Start" time and the "Finish" time. Just my thoughts.

Douglas E. Purdy

Thanks for the examples, ideas, and recommendations. I'll see what the next follow-up brings.
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