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Hello all!
Quick question or request as it were. I am fairly new to the ISO 9001 process and am in the process of preparing for Registration (Nov 2001). Is anyone in the Southern Ontario region out there willing to allow an observer from another organization (me!) to be a silent observer during an internal or even an external audit?
I understand the confidentiality issue etc and that this may not be possible, but I thought I would ask.


Marilyn P

Audits aren't nearly as scary as you think they are going to be. Just say what you do, do what you say and go for it! Yep, you need to follow your own procedures and provide objective evidence that you are doing just that.

I've gone through five years of audits now, both as the Lead Internal Auditor and the escort for third party audits and I can give you one piece of advise. The auditor wants you to pass. This means more work for them.

Good luck!


Fully vaccinated are you?


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Laura M

As to original question, email me, and I'll see what I can do. I have a few clients that are pretty relaxed about things coming up for QS audits. Auditor only vaguely resembles sketch.
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