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OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness/Efficiency) Help


Andy Jones

I don't think Quality of the parts produced can be taken out of equation in calculating OEE. In fact, what is effectiveness without Quality?

If the parts are lying in rack for inspection, which I assume is normal for your process, why not measure OEE at an interval that is suitably fixed to accomodate inspection results.
We have a similar issue in my company, I believe that Quality is integral to OEE as it is no good your machines producing 24/7 if they are not producing a quality product, this will be highlited in the OEE result and can investigated and coutermeasured. We do not run our OEE on a daily basis but a weekly, some of our product can take upto 5 days to get through the complete process. At the end of the week all the OEE is displayed on the shop floor at the machine concerned and a countermeasure plan put in place with the results to improve the next time that product is run.

To avoid operators "helping" the figures we have hourly white boards that are updated by the operators on the hour and audited throughout the day. To ensure all numbers match, with this way all issues are spotted within an hour and operators are aware they can not make figures suit.


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Hi there,

Ive been asked to set up OEE on a few machines which im more than happy to do. Never done it before and nor as the company.

Having read up on it now for a couple of hours it seems like an impressive tool of which if applied correctly we can definately yield benefit from.

From a newbie in this field the initial issues i can see are:

1. The gathering of the numbers. To me the numbers need to be generated automatically (hence some software package). For instance if i am reliant on operators filling out time sheets telling when and how long the machine is down its destined to fail before it starts.

2. Quality of the product might not be an instant feedback, as we have an inspection department. what happens if the product is made but it sits on a rack for 2 days and only then does it come to light that there is an issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Is there any immediate feed back on the quality of the parts or is it all lagging based on inspection?

If there is immediate feedback I suggest you use that information as the OEE calculation at the machine. Then use some other metric such as FTQ for the post process inspection analysis. These two (or something similar) should give you the feedback your seeking from your process.


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Thanks Jason,

There is no immediate feedback. Just sits on a raack or pallet waiting for someone to pick it up. Also the process time varies from job to job, its not a single product.

\update on my request, They know want machine utilization but there still calling it OEE lol. Lean vs Fake Lean comes to mind.


The focus here is equipment churning out parts / or not and how effectively it is being used or begging to be used, 24 x 7.
I was under the impression that yield% is 1/3 of the OEE calculation, which speaks directly to how effectively the equipment is being used.
We never used OEE as a metric. We used OEE as an evaluation tool to help understand what we needed to do. In my yogurt factory, we track OEE through OEE Tracking Software. Hope this information will help. Thanks!!
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