OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness




While planning machine loading, if 8 hrs is being allotted for setting of a particular job on a machine, then can we take this 8 hrs as planned downtime in the calculation of availability.

As you know,

Availability = ((Total available time-planned downtime)-unplanned downtime)/Total available time - planned down time.

Our OEE is at present fluctuating between 80% & 82%, without taking into consideration 8 hrs planned setting time as planned downtime.

Opinions ?

Randy Stewart

80 - 82% is a good number. We have 85% as a target but reality is around 80%.
To answer your question, yes you can use that as planned downtime. I have seen it argued both ways but my feeling is that the equipment can not perform it's designed function, can not manufacture parts and it is not due to failure or planned maintenance. To simplify, if it's not available to work then it is down. If it's considered down then it has to fit in 1 of the 2 catagories; scheduled or unscheduled.
Hope that helps.
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