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OEM Customer-Specific Requirements - IATF - Web Site Links

Howard Atkins

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OEM Customer-Specific Requirements- IATF
Organizations seeking or maintaining ISO/TS 16949 certification are required to comply with Customer Specific Requirements (CSR) for all of their customers subscribing to ISO/TS 16949. A central repository for ISO/TS 16949-related CSR is being established on the AIAG Web site.

Developed by the Customer Specific work group, this Web page will be a resource for subscribing organizations to post links to their customer specific requirements for ISO/TS 16949. Using this newly established central repository will ensure the current revision level is available and communicated to the supplier and auditing community.

To date, Delphi, Visteon and Timken have established links on the AIAG Web site for their ISO/TS 16949 customer specific requirements. To view, visit AIAG Automotive Quality Initiatives - Core Tools, ISO/TS, Special Processes.
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